Am I elegible for certain subsidies and tax measures?

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When you start a business, there will usually be a period when you’re investing lots of time, effort and money before you start making a profit.

Be aware in that case that you might be able to get help from a government-backed support scheme or subsidy if you need for example some initial funding to test or develop your business idea or to start-up your business.

Both Regional and Federal authorities offer support via direct subsidies and tax  measures.

Tax reductions belong to the core business  of the Federal Authorities (p.e. notional interest deduction and investment deduction).

The Regional Authorities and their Agencies support new and existing companies by means of subsidies and they also can provide risk capital.

You can also appeal on som private investors/ business organisations which offer these kind of services and risk capital.

On the one hand they try to encourage innovation through financial support,  networking and by facilitating international cooperation.

On the other hand they might offer financing solutions to certain companies under certain conditions.  They are willing to cover a company’s entire development cycle, from its earliest inception to its growth and internationalization, depending on the situation, nature or purpose of company in question.

There are many subsidies/financing solutions for different kind of (start-up) companies. To be eligible you must first find out which government/agency/organisation is responsible. Furthermore detailed application forms and financial information must be completed and discussed with these them. All these subsidies and fincancing solutions have also conditions and consequences in the further life of your company We advice you to contact specialists to help you make the right decision.