How should an ideal homepage look like?

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An ideal homepage should inform your client or potential client in 3-5 seconds about the services you deliver or the product that you sell. Keep in mind: 3-5 seconds is not much, but that’s the time that users explore your page and decide if they stay on it or hit the next Google search result.

How should an ideal homepage then look like? Focus on the key scenario(s). If you are the NMBS, your key scenario on the homepage is an input form for checking the train hours & to buy a ticket. If you sell baby clothes via a web shop, your homepage should visualize the new arrivals or most popular products in your web shop with an easy access to the whole scale of products.

Try not to focus on more than 2-3 core tasks on your homepage. In this way, customers can more easily identify if the website or platform meets their needs and they will not have the feeling of cognitive overload. Make sure primary information is well delineated from secondary information.